You may well ask why ladies from Thailand are willing to consider marrying a man from a completely different culture and country, to move halfway round the world, to leave her family and to face many uncertainties.

In addressing the question, you need to be aware that the gap between men's and women's rights, both legal and cultural is much greater in Thailand than in most western cultures.

Thai men are often sleep around both before and after they marry, while honourable women will be celibate until marriage and faithful thereafter. A married Thai woman will be expected by such a husband to put up with this behaviour and has little hope of a comfortable life after divorce, since the welfare benefits familar to westerners are vitually unheard of in Thailand.

It's easy to get a divorce in Thailand, but if you are a divorced woman, it's difficult to remarry. And besides, if she has experienced the kind of treatment that is common, she is reticent to become a prop to another selfish man.

With an increasing knowledge of the western world and realising that western men show a great deal more respect for women, many unmarried Thai women are declining their local men and a large number of married ladies are instigating divorce to escape unsatisfactory marriages.

These ladies now seek love and marriage with western men, who they know will care for them properly, providing a permanent home and security - and in return they are prepared to leave their friends, family and the new prosperiy of the east behind them.