is an Anglo-Thai organisation devoted to introducing western gentlemen to Thai ladies, to fulfil the mutual aim of an ideal marriage.

With representatives in both Thailand and the United Kingdom, we offer a complete service, which includes initial introductions for correspondence, personal introductions when you visit Thailand, assistance with translation, etiquette and the formalities leading to marriage with your chosen Thai bride and, of course all the legal requirements to bring your new wife back to the West.

We'll help you and your bride to settle into western life together in any way we can, drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience of the difficulties and delights of building a relationship across different cultures.

You are entirely welcome to contact us informally before registering with us, to set your mind at rest over any queries you may have.

There is no obligation upon you to enter into marriage simply because you have registered with us, but we stress that our service is intended for gentlemen who are prepared to make a serious commitment to consider marriage with one of our candidates. If you finally decide to bring your dreams to fruition, we will do our utmost to help you forge an enduring marriage with your chosen partner.

Our service is not a dating agency for casual relationships with foreign girls - if that is what you seek, we suggest you look elsewhere.

We welcome payment by credit card.